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woman owned and run

A first generation immigrant, the grand daughter of illiterate Chinese peasants, and Harvard graduate.

Lana started her food enthusiasm in college, where she penned the school newspaper's food column and kept a now defunct blog of Boston restaurant reviews. She went on to write for Serious Eats, NY Mag's Grub Street, and had a starring role on Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Eats. 

inspired by a small
nyc kitchen

Inventions are inspired by necessity.

A tiny NYC kitchen meant barely any counter space... or storage. 

The ZenPrep makes the most of every inch of space.

make healthy easy

As an avid home cook with eczema, Lana had trouble enjoying the wash and prep portion of the cooking process.

She created Soji to enhance the cooking experience with beautiful, eco-friendly tools that work as well as they look. 

Because cooking is a joy,
but cleanup isn't.

About us image